Event Introduction

Day 1

Long Bone Osteosynthesis Failure (Duong Bunn)

Knee Range of Motion Over Time - Integrate vs Retrograde Diaphyseal Femoral Shaft Fractures (Billy Haonga)

Broken Hardware, Results of Nonunion (Hedayat Hedayatullah)

Keynote - Articular Fractures and Post-traumatic Arthirits - An Evolving Field (Steve Olson)

Mini-open IM Nailing of Segmental Femoral Shaft Fractures (Kristoffer Roa)

Treatment of Intra-articular Femur Fractures (Faseeh Shahab)

Tips and Tricks using SIGN Nail (Uddin Shahab)

Clinical Outcome of Pathologic Femoral Fractures Treated with IM Nail (Jan Tan)

SIGN in Afghanistan & Gunshot Injuries (Emal Yaqubi)

IM Nail Workshop (Lewis Zirkle)

The Spectrum of Fracture Healing, Nonunion, and Broken Nails (Lewis Zirkle)

Voyage of Discovery (Lewis Zirkle)

Day 2

Effectiveness of Fin Nails in Mongolian Pediatric Patients with Diaphyseal Femur Fractures (Bazar Batzorig)

Causes of Delay in Surgery of SIGN Recipients at SPMC, Davao (Elsa Calvez)

Physeal Fractures and Growth Arrest (Raymond Liu)

Tibial Malunion - Causes of Degenerative Knee Disease (Raymond Liu)

SIGN Nail Program - A Clinical Audit (Brian Madison)

iDeas from Malawi and Alaska (Byron McCord)

Bone Transport and Lengthening in Children (Geoffrey Mwangi)

Tumor Cases Managed by SIGN Nail (Noel Penaranda)

Management of Humeral Shaft Fractures (Faruque Quasem)

Sadat Fixation Device (Safiullah Sadat)

Treatment of Pediatric Fractures (Greg Schmale)

Outcome in Patients Humerus Fractures Treated with Fin Nail (Faseeh Shahab)

SIGN Nail Experience at Tebow CURE Hospital (Carlito Valera)

Treatment of Pilon Fractures (Patrick Yoon)

Day 3

Tibiotalcaneal Fusion Over Retrograde SIGN Nail (Syed Anwaruzzaman)

Outcome of Shish Kabab Osteotomies Fixed with IM Nail in Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Muhammad Bashir)

Multiplier Smart Phone Application for Deformity Correction (Yasser Elbatrawy)

Deformity Workshop (Richard Gellman)

Retrograde SIGN Intramedullary Nail versus Retrograde SIGN Fin (Billy Haonga)

Treatment of Subtrochanteric Fractures (Aung Thein Htay)

An Ovine Model of Intramedullary Nailing through Pediatric Distal Femoral Physis (Derrick Knapik)

Management of Ipsilateral Neck and Shaft of Femur Fractures using IM Nailing and Lag Screws (Akimu Mageza)

A Retrospective Study of Femoral Shaft Fractures Treated with Retrograde SIGN Fin Nail (Jude Panuda)

Tibiocalcaneal Arthrodesis with Retrograde IM Interlocking Nail (Amin Qazi)

SIGN Hip Construct - Management of Proximal Femur Fractures (Faruque Quasem)

Early Experience with SIGN Hip Construct (Justin Roth)

Radiological Study of Anterior Femoral Fracture Shaft Bowing in Filipino Adults (Vernadel Santiago)

Is Topic Vancomycin Powder Effective in Treating Infections after Fractures (Faseeh Shahab)

Case Discussion, Proximal Femur Fractures and Hip Fracture Discussion (Marc Swiontkowski)

SHC Experience from Ethiopia (Biruk Wamisho)

Treatment of Open Diaphyseal Fractures (Cuma Zihindula)

Femoral Neck Fractures (Lewis Zirkle)

Open Fractures (Lewis Zirkle)

Day 4

Continuous Traction Femur Fractures (Lucas Anderson)

Open Acute Primary Repair of Multiple Ligament Injuries of the Knee (Sandeep Bhandari)

Smart Course Discussion 1 (Elsa Calvez)

Clubfeet - Stretching the Indications for Serial Casting (Kathryn Doughty)

Fin Nail Radiographical Results (Robert Feibel)

Treatment of Osteomyelitis (Robert Feibel)

Establishing Trauma Centers (Jacky Jean)

Smart Course Discussion 4 (Samwel John)

Orthoplastic Surgery - The Soft Tissue Reconstruction Ladder (Scott Levin)

Establishing Trauma Centers (Henry Ndasi)

Functional Outcomes of Patients with Musculoskeletal Tumors around the Knee Treated with Rotationplasty (Kristoffer Roa)

Smart Course Discussion 3 (Pamela Samoyo)

Nepal Earthquake - How Can We Prepare (Buland Thapa)

Impact of SIGN Program in Residency Training and Patient Care (Biruk Wamisho)

Smart Course Discussion 2 (Myat Win)

Future of SIGN Discussion (Lewis Zirkle)