Event Introduction

Day 1

The Way Forward (Lewis Zirkle)

Treatment of Intra-Articular & Extra-Articular Distal Femoral Fractures Using a SIGN Nail (John Ekure)

Applications of the Knowledge Learned from the SMART Course (Rommel Tan)

Trauma Centers (Henry Ndasi and Sam Kiwesa)

Slides (Henry Ndasi)

Slides (Sam Kiwesa)

Functional Outcome of IM Interlocking Nailing Following Fixation with Single & Double Screws (Innocent Abang)

Deformity Correction (Anthony Maina)

Validity of Squat and Smile (Edmund Eliezer)

Distal Tibia Fractures (Duane Anderson)

Imaging in Pelvic & Acetabular Surgery - How to Avoid It (Kristoffer Roa)

Hip Fractures (Marc Swiontkowski)

Soft Tissue Trauma Managed by Low-Cost Negative Wound Pressure System (Jessica Hirschhorn and Kim Jingco)

Slides (Jessica Hirschhorn)

Slides (Kim Jingco)

SIGN Engineering Workshop (SIGN)

SIGN Technique Discussion (Lewis Zirkle)

Day 2

Innovations (Byron McCord)

Forearm Rodding (Duane Anderson)

Causes of Reoperation Following Locked Nail Management of Tibia Shaft Fractures (Akinola Akinmade)

Pelvic Fractures (Paul Whiting)

Neglected Long Bone Fractures (Oluwadare Esan)

Timely Surgery (Taye Zegene)

Surgical Timing & Knee Range of Motion Post-Op After IM Nailing (Patrick Manalaysay)

Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of Closed Fractures of the Supracondylar Area of the Humerus (Christian Casamayor)

Elbow Fractures (Shawn O'Driscoll)

Open Fractures (Faseeh Shahab)

Open Fractures (Lewis Zirkle)

Deformity Correction by Ilizarov at Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana (Zamir Soomro)

Ankle & Foot (Patrick Yoon)

Cottolengo Mission Hospital: A New Comer in the Great SIGN Family (Guiseppe Gaido)

Retrograde Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis with SIGN Nail (Syed Anwaruzzaman)

Ponseti Method in Idiopathic Clubfoot Treatment in Patients from 6 Months to 2 Years (Zamir Soomro)

Outcomes of Subtrochanteric Fractures of the Femur, Managed with SIGN Nail (Mohammad Sabur)

Day 3

Syndesmosis Injuries (Bill Ricci)

The Early Outcome of Operative Management of Acetabular Fractures (Akimu Mageza)

The Impact of SIGN Pelvic Fracture Care Program at Southern Philippines Medical Center (Kristoffer Roa)

Creativity (Louis Zirkle)

Early Treatment of Open Diaphyseal Tibial Fracture with IM (SIGN Nail) Versus External Fixation (Mapour Mading)

SIGN Implants in Previously Infected Bone (Shahab Uddin)

Deformity Correction in Children (Jun Valera)

SIGN Plate, a Rising Star (Heherson Cui)

SIGN Plates (Lewis Zirkle)

Treatment of Fiborous Displaysia & Hip Deformity (Leonil Sembrano)

Revision Surgery with SIGN Nail & Augmentative Plate on Nailed for Plated Non-Union of Femur & Tibia Fractures (Aung Thein Htay)

Pediatric Femoral Fractures (Andrew Chen)

Sacral Chordoma Surgically Managed Utilizing Minimally Invasive Surgery for the Anterior Dissection (Andre Arcenas)

Non-Union Fractures (Lewis Zirkle)

Reconstruction of Giant Cell Tumor of Long Bones by Strut Fibula Allograft (Soe Thant)

Musculoskeletal Malignancy - Current Treatment Options in a Resource Challenged Area (Rex Penaranda)

Moderate Tumor Symposium (Scott Weiner)

Childhood Osteomyelitis (Norgrove Penny)

Day 4

Quick Retrograde Insertion (Duane Anderson)

Outcome of SIGN IM Nailing in the Presence of Chronic Osteomyelitis (Onyebuchi Osakwe)

One Stage Treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis using Antibiotic Impregnated Bone Graft Substitute (Bafor Anirejuoritse)

Extracorporeal Fabrication of a PMMA Spacer: A Minor Masquelet Modification (Stephen Kottmeier)

The Role of SIGN in Improving Fracture Care in Rural Uganda (John Ekure)

Bone Infections (Cuma Zihindula)

Limbs & Life Threatening Complications Resulting from Traditional Bone Setters (Dare Ogunlusi)

AO Study in the Philippines (Adrian Trinidad)

Orthopedic Service in Yangon General Hospital & The Role of SIGN (Christopherson Maung)

Treatment of Diaphysio-Metaphyseal Fractures of Tibia by IM SIGN Nail in Combination with Poller Screw (Ram Shah)

Functional Bracing of Humeral Shaft Fractures using PVC Pipe as Pre-Fab Brace (Kim Jingco)

Our Experience in Treating Humeral Shaft Fractures with SIGN Fin Nail (Faruque Quasem)

Road Traffic Injuries in Lilongwe, Malawi (Leonard Banza)

Overview & Diversified Use of SIGN Nail (Syed Anwaruzzaman)

Expanding Use of SIGN Fin Nail (Lewis Zirkle)