Conference 2018 Engineering Survey

2018 Conference Engineering's Questions

What fracture types are increasing in your hospital?

Are you able to treat all fractures you are seeing?

If no, why not?

For open or high risk fractures, do you have a preferred infection prevention method?

How would you choose between using a fin nail or standard nail?

What cadaver lab sessions would you like to see next year?

What is your preferred training method?

If other, please specify:

Have you read the technique manual(s)? *

How would you improve our technique manual(s)?

Do you or your hospital need training materials for cleaning SIGN instruments?

If Yes, please specify:

What new product (implants or instruments) should SIGN develop to have the biggest impact for helping patients?

Can you share CT scans with SIGN?

If yes, what is the best method to share scans with SIGN?

Do you do bone grafts?

If Yes, how?