New Reamer Design Survey

New Reamer Design Survey

Country Name:

Surgeon Name:

Hospital Name:

How many cases have you done with the New reamers?

Are the New reamers staying sharp?

Have the New reamers gotten stuck in the canal?

If yes, how many times?

Did the NEW reamers get stuck in any of the following?

Are the NEW reamers getting stuck in the canal more or less than the current reamers?

What percentage of cases are you putting the bone collected from the NEW reamers in the fracture site?

Do the NEW reamers collect more bone material in the flutes compared to the current reamers?

Rate the overall cutting performance of the NEW reamers compared to the current reamers from 1-5.

Which reamer design do you prefer?

What would you change to improve the NEW reamer design?

Additional comments on the use and performance of the NEW reamer?