Plate Bender Suvey

Plate Bender Survey

Are you able to bend the plates well with the current Plate Benders?

If No, please explain what is most difficult about using the current Plate Benders?

Do you ever drop the plates on the floor when trying to bend them?

Are there any other tools you use to bend the SIGN Plates?

If Yes, what other tools do you use?

Please explain if there are any features or functions you would like the Plate Benders to have? (example: tabletop bender, or some sort of holder for when bending)

Do you have issues with the current size or weight?

Are they the correct length or out would it be helpful if they were longer or shorter?

Would you like any features to grip them better?

If Yes, what type of grip would you suggest?

Please explain an other issues or suggestions about the current Plate Benders.