Spine Surgery Survey

Spine Surgery Survey Questions

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How many total beds are in your hospital? *

Are there any spine surgeons at your hospital? *

Which spinal pathologies are commonly seen at your hospital? Please select all that apply: *

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Do you have access to spine instrumentation and implants at your hospital? *

If you answered Yes to the previous question, what company do you use, where do you purchase equipment, and what is the cost of the implants and instruments?

Can your patients afford spine implants? *

On average, how many patients needing spine surgery present to your hospital per month? *

In your opinion, what are the greatest barriers to providing spine care at your hospital? *

Do you have access to intraoperative imaging such as portable fluoroscope or x-ray? *

Do you have access to a CT scanner at your hospital? *

Do you have access to an MRI scanner at your hospital or close to your hospital? *

Do you have access to specialized rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injuries? *

In general, what percentage of your hospital's patients return to clinic for regular follow up? *

How important do you believe it is to perform spine surgery at your hospital? *

Do you think that performing spine surgery at your hospital will result in a compromise in care to other essential services? *